Safety at Southern Cross

At Southern Cross, SAFETY is in-built into our DNA. Everything we do in our offices, at home, and in the field revolves around SAFETY. At Southern Cross, we view ourselves as extensions of our clients and fully understand and match their focus and emphasis on safety. We strive to emulate that focus and culture in all our daily workflows.



COMMITMENT to SAFETY - Southern Cross is highly committed to safety in the workplace and incorporates detailed safety procedures into our training courses and standard work processes, both in our corporate offices and in the field. We are dedicated to our four Strategic Safety Goals:

  1. Safety Culture - Creating a “Safety Culture” so that SAFETY is involved in all that we do.
  2. Compliance - Southern Cross’ operations comply with OSHA and all applicable regulations, client requirements, and the Southern Cross written Safety Program.
  3. Involvement - All employees are immersed in the safety program. We improve workplace safety and health for all employees through personal safety engagement in everything we do.
  4. Continuous Improvement - All safety programs that mitigate risks and reduce hazards result in fewer and less severe safety events. The safety program continuously improves through corrective actions developed through assessments, investigations, audits, safety committee input, near-miss reporting, good-catch programs, and focused safety improvement.


SAFETY CULTURE – Built-in into our culture and the way we do things. Southern Cross takes great pride in our overall excellent safety record and continues to educate, evaluate, and execute safety measures in order to further reduce the risk of any injuries or accidents. Southern Cross strictly adheres to all OSHA rules and regulations and focuses on encouraging the prevention of injury and/or illness.


QUALITY and SAFETY - There are no jobs that we do that are going to put our employees and the public at large in jeopardy. We make sure that everyone returns home safely at the end of the day to their families and loved ones. We also make sure that we follow procedures that protect the lives and property of the public at large. At Southern Cross, we believe that SAFETY AND QUALITY go hand in hand. We make sure that we approach our daily work in a manner that keeps our employees safe and positions them to deliver exceptional value.

We believe that the most important aspect of SAFETY is to have a CULTURE that allows us to do what is RIGHT and if we see an unsafe behavior, then we call it out. Southern Cross has a culture built on safety, and we strive to make sure every employee is equipped with the proper tools and training. We believe that all incidents can be prevented, and we continue to learn from new incidents to implement best practices and eliminate any unsafe behaviors.


CONCLUSION - We encourage all employees to hold each other accountable – again if we see something, we say something. This mentality ensures everyone is being held to the same standard. All employees are encouraged to approach their daily activities with safety at the forefront of their minds.

Alnoor Ebrahim | Marketing and Strategy Development | Southern Cross

Tori Covington | Marketing and Business Development | Southern Cross

Craig McFadden | Vice President Meter Services | Southern Cross